A short book on my experience with synesthesia.

Illustrated in watercolor and inks, bound with thick card and embroidery thread. Each page is hand stitched.

Synesthesia adds another dimension to how I perceive words and music. Here I've translated some of those associations into book form. I have plans to expand this book and publish it in the future.

   Q. Do you have associations for everything?

A. Nope! My associations vary in strength depending on the specific media. For some things I will have no association. Some things will have an extremely strong association. Vague associations are most common.


   Q. Is that ever distracting?

A. Not really. It usually only happens when I'm thinking about it. Sometimes associations are strong enough to jump out at me when I'm not thinking about them though, like the overwhelming sensation of purple I used to get when a former coworker's name was called within earshot.

   Q. When will you publish your book?

A. Some very vague time in the future. I plan to self publish and sell small batches of books in my store. I have plans for books of all different subjects and hope to have a small selection available.